i remembered on friday when i went to gospel choir, our conductor, david coleman said this of women and men.

he said women, know that you are precious and you are a treasure. you should be protected and cherished by men, this is not to say that you need to be protected, but you deserve to be cherished for all that you are worth.

he said men, know that women are more worthy than you. not to say you have no worth, but you have so much worth that you are born to protect these treasures, you have to safeguard them. protect them with what you have and make them feel their worth. this is why you are the master of the household, this is why sometimes you are the breadwinner. this is why you are the hero in fairy tales or stories, because you have what it takes to protect the most precious things in life. 

a long time ago, i stopped believing in people who could love me. who could make me feel more than what i already think i am. maybe deep down i dont think i ever deserve it. i mean, what do i have to deserve it. and i brush that thought aside.

now i think, maybe i am precious. if you cut me, i could shine. but without you, what’s the whole point, of being that precious thing, that worthy thing, if there’s no one around to appreciate it. 

God does. they all say that. so all i have to do now is to say thank you. i hope one day i will learn to appreciate myself and know that it’s not that hard to love myself and believe in that i could be loved again.

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